around view monitoring-pg电子游戏试玩

by integrated multiple sensing technologies and control algorithms, our products can help real-time monitoring of vehicle conditions and the outside environment, and provide safety warnings and braking measures to enhance the safety, comfort and convenience of the vehicle driving.
around view monitoring
with the continuous increasing of soc performance and camera definition, the function of around view monitoring system is becoming enriched and mature. in addition to display a clear picture around the vehicle, it can also achieve many functions such as parking space recognition, parking guidance, and transparent chassis display.
quick response
boot time < 8s
seamless image stitching
mature image stitching and correction algorithm
wide view angle blind spot
1 million pixel camera
extended functions
blind spot detection/lane departure warning/...
auto parking assistance
as one of the main scenarios of low-speed autonomous, auto parking assistance can increase the intelligence and safety of the vehicle. with the help of the fusion of camera and radar, the product can realize multiple types of parking space detection, dynamic path planning, automatic parking in and out, etc., solving more than 90% of parking troubles.
comfortable parking
smooth control / smooth braking
user-friendly interaction
real time video display / voice broadcast
multiple scenes
vertical & parallel & diagonal parking slot
extended functions
chassis perspective / memory parking